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Strategy & Procedure


Court of Appeal bares its teeth on delay

The Jackson reforms are going to be tough on default the Court of Appeal decided today, though not absurdly so. Having heard the appeal on behalf of Andrew Mitchell MP in his libel action against News…

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Latest trends on claims notifications

The Portal Company have now released the latest statistics showing numbers of new claims notifications in RTA, EL, PL and EL disease. There are points of interest in relation to trends in each claims…

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Scottish Civil Justice Council launched

The Scottish Civil Justice Council (SCJC) was officially launched on 23rd September 2013. The SCJC replaces the previous Rules Councils for both the Court of Session and the sheriff court.

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ATE insurance: Appropriate level of premium

In this rare authority on the appropriate level of an ATE insurance premium, Senior Costs Judge Hurst in the SCCO reduced the claimed premium of £15,900 to a “fairer” figure of £3,750, following…

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Procedure: Costs

Changes to the costs regime for judicial review proceedings – including greater use of wasted costs orders and possibly scrapping protective costs orders (PCOs) – has been proposed by the government.…

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