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Professional Indemnity

Find out more about DWF's Professional Indemnity team.


Don't Assume! – Contractual Necessity

Where parties have a long course of dealings together, it can sometimes be tempting to skip the contractual formalities involved each time a piece of work is carried out. A recent decision in the TCC…

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Matters of the Heart

Can a solicitor acting for a grieving family in an Inquest be liable in negligence if their concerns are not completely allayed?

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Retention by Appointment?

The Court of Appeal in Aroca Seiquer & Asociados, Miguel Angel Aroca Seiquer v Roger Adams & Ors [2018] EWCA Civ 1589 held that a Spanish Law firm had negligently failed to warn UK purchasers…

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In the Know?

Nobu Su v (1) Clarksons Platou Futures Limited (2) Mr Vassillis Karakoulakis [2018] is the latest Court of Appeal decision to consider the meaning of "knowledge" under s.14A of the Limitation Act.…

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