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Professional Indemnity

Find out more about DWF's Professional Indemnity team.


In the Know?

Nobu Su v (1) Clarksons Platou Futures Limited (2) Mr Vassillis Karakoulakis [2018] is the latest Court of Appeal decision to consider the meaning of "knowledge" under s.14A of the Limitation Act.…

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Playing Technical Games: CPR Part 6

In February 2018, we reported  on the well-publicised Supreme Court decision in Barton v Wright Hassall LLP [2018] UKSC 12 ('Barton'), which provided welcome clarification to solicitors and insurers…

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Dirty Laundry

In an age where people live out their lives online, professional reputations are increasingly in the hands of the public. How can professionals adapt to meet the challenge of aggrieved clients posting…

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In conversation with Robert Morris (Bluefin)

We are very grateful to Robert Morris (AVII) for making time to share his observations on Cyber Crime.  Robert is an Account Director in Bluefin Professions. Robert has been working in the insurance…

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