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Catastrophic Injury

Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

Return of the Jedi

Given the @BIRGarage 's efforts to boldly go where no legal business has gone before I'm sure to have created confusion in my sci-fi metaphors by titling this article 'Return of the Jedi'

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Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

Limitation: More than a hollow provision

In the recent case of Lee v Nationwide Building Society, the Court were asked to consider by way of  preliminary issue, whether to grant the Claimant permission to continue with a claim which had been…

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Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

VR Series #6 – Phantom Limb Pain [PLP]

Samsung are currently running a Do What You Can’t brand campaign to promote the Samsung Gear and its various uses: one of which is virtual reality… you know the one, inspiring sound track and an…

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Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

VR Series #5 Dementia

I would imagine that most people reading this article have some experience of dementia either through knowing or having contact with a sufferer but, nevertheless, I think it is helpful to start off…

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Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

VR Series #4 How Does it Work?

It suddenly occurred to me that whilst we are going through this series of articles talking about the multiple potential healthcare benefits of VR we have never actually considered how it all works…

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