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  • In a month dominated by Discount Rate news, monthly Portal data trends remain remarkably stable

    possible delays caused by the ongoing discussion around whiplash reforms and multiple injuries... in general damages. Talking of CRU data… the graph below is looking at 'whiplash v non-whiplash ' injury... of April 2020. Non-whiplash injury sites have increased from 9.66% in 2014-2015 to 15.51... that the Government would adopt a Discount Rate of -0.25%.   Whiplash reforms Whilst assurances continue... on the process for linking claims together.   Mixed injuries, i.e. whiplash plus additional injuries Read more

  • Monthly Portal and Quarterly Civil Justice court statistics are released showing interesting trends ahead of the planned reforms in 2020

    previous portal data analysis here Portal Data Analysis | DWF InsuranceUpdate on whiplash reforms... the MOJ and the Lord Chief Justice in the whiplash reform process sees the publication of those... influenced by the forthcoming whiplash reforms. Many DWF clients will be familiar with our... at that in isolation and had Cameron/Osborne's original proposal of banning whiplash claims below £5,000 then nearly 50% of litigated claims would disappear. However, with whiplash claims likely to move Read more

  • Review of latest portal data, reforms & new Judicial College Guidelines

    and the effect this will have in relation to whiplash claims. They say this regarding multiple injury cases (whiplash and non-whiplash ): "We recognize that the legislative scheme in practice may well throw up some interesting issues, not least the approach of the courts to an award for damages for whiplash ... Labour and the Liberal Democrats were strongly opposed to the whiplash reform element of the Civil... and more generous" but this is highly unlikely to apply to whiplash .   In any event, we do not take Read more

  • MedCo comes under review

    Stakeholders urged to provide evidence of how MedCo is working Reiterating its commitment to greater independence in the way that medical evidence in support of whiplash claims is obtained, the MoJ has issued a Call for Evidence from stakeholders on the operation of the MedCo portal and seeks views on the following: whether the current operation of the MedCo Portal meets the Government’s objective of enhancing the independence of medical reporting; the effectiveness of the qualifying Read more

  • The Construction Industry Council Model Mediation Agreement and Procedure

    nominate a Mediator from the CIC Panel of Mediators (the Panel is discussed further below). The CIC... of the primary limitation period.The CIC Panel of Mediators The CIC is also inviting expressions of interest to join the panel . The CIC's Panel will comprise experienced accredited Mediators who... in their primary profession. The CIC's qualifying requirements should ensure that a panel of quality construction... to resolve their disputes. Under The Model Mediation Procedure, Members of the CIC Panel Read more

  • Civil justice costs reforms: Jackson/LASPO update

    into whiplash claims (see below Whiplash update).Referral fees – still being paid? The Law Society Gazette has... and Costs of Whiplash Claims‟ at the end of last year, the government were to publish a response by spring 2013. However, in March the Transport Committee announced an inquiry into whiplash , which includes... on whiplash reform, the government will first: give due consideration to the views of the Transport... will not be made until “the autumn”, again to allow for the TC to complete its inquiry into whiplash Read more

  • Another influential report from the TSC likely to affect handling of future injury claims

    are fundamentally dishonest; the establishment of independent medical panels for whiplash claims which can... we have made previously, that if independent panels are shown to work in practice for whiplash ... to the question of whether to extend the current scope of the medical panels to other types of injury beyond soft tissue whiplash , including in particular, psychological damage. Our own response to the MoJ... momentum and a re-emergence of the problem.Independent medical panels Perhaps of most importance Read more

  • Will CMCs come to fear the FCA?

    if there is an increase in credit hire and credit repair claims after the reform of whiplash claims and the increase... for closer regulation of the whole sector to accompany the whiplash reforms Read the Brady Read more