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  • New government but similar approach to reform?

    Runes to be read from the last Parliamentary session Although Chris Grayling has moved on from his post, when he was Justice Secretary he made it clear that there was appetite to push through further reforms in the area of whiplash claims, as did other MoJ ministers at that time. Going beyond his... that his department would be prepared to look at introducing minimum speeds, below which whiplash ... to continue in its work looking at the cost of whiplash claims and the impact of fraud on that cost Read more

  • What the game changing reforms from the Spending Review mean in practice

    be that a new streamlined process would be a more suitable alternative. The way forwards for whiplash ... just for whiplash , and are likely to include all injury claims. The position could be clearer... applying to whiplash only. Of course if the first reform were to catch all whiplash claims up to £5,000... the government think is a “minor” soft tissue injury claim. Is it a whiplash -type injury causing... a whiplash type of injury even though there are other physical or psychological injuries as well Read more

  • A year on: further evidence needed before discount rate changes can go ahead

    for civil claims. We still await publication of the Civil Liability Bill on whiplash reform which can... has been seen as taking precedence over whiplash reform for the Government but depending on any... of the reasons for that decision, alongside the expert panel's advice, and reasons for not accepting the advice of the panel whenever that occurs. They also agree with the Law Society that the expert panel should be involved in the first review of the rate. This was not in the Government's proposals Read more

  • Where do the latest political post-EU referendum developments leave the government’s civil justice reform agenda?

    are involved alongside the MoJ on each of the consultations: the Treasury on whiplash /SCT... of the whiplash /SCT reform? There are of course 2 proposed reforms within the one package: both the removal of PSLA for minor whiplash , and the raise in the SCT to £5,000 potentially for all injury claims... intentions on key issues such as how minor whiplash will be defined and whether it will be by reference...” formulating policy in that area, while he had been having strategic involvement in relation to whiplash reform Read more

  • Government intention to follow through on reforms still in place while APIL conference responds to the threat

    , exaggerated and trivial whiplash claims made each year”. “The level of compensation paid out....” He looked over to Scotland where he thought there was no whiplash problem, and tellingly said he saw... to have been changing from dealing with fraudulent claims onto unnecessary ones Whiplash claims were... whiplash The task of defining soft tissue injuries so as to designate claims falling... whiplash be set and how is that concept is to be defined? This will be a key part of the consultation Read more

  • Post-Election political developments now creating a challenging environment for key reforms

    on issues such as whiplash reform and the discount rate are currently unknown, though in 2000... on fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash claims". This can be seen as a desire to press on with Part 5... as well as Plaid Cymru were quoted as also being in favour of the government's reforms to whiplash ... on its claim of reducing numbers of whiplash claims, as well as wanting the government to win... for reform of the current issues in relation to whiplash and to the discount rate needs to be made both Read more

  • Civil Liability Bill: House of Commons final stages passed with clear majorities despite concerns

    by the summer. On whiplash reform, the debate will now move onto the secondary legislation... compensation would be paid for a flight delay of more than 3 hours than for whiplash of up to 3 months... to exclude from the operation of the tariff any whiplash claims where in the same accident the claimant also sustained a second injury falling outside the definition of whiplash . Perhaps with one eye Read more

  • Key changes ahead on fraudulent injury claims

    Whiplash And the announcement went on to cover existing work in this area, with the reforms expected to be introduced this year. Firstly, to establish the independence of the medical report writing process together with the fixed costs of the report. Secondly, and presumably at the same time, to introduce new rules to restrict pre-med offers. As we say, work is of course on-going in those areas already.Ban on inducements It had been highlighted previously that the senior civil servant Read more

  • Civil Liability Bill passes the Lords and is off to the Commons with only limited changes

    in the Commons. Subject to the link with whiplash reform by both measures being within the same.... As to whiplash , the government’s response to the Justice Committee’s report on the SCT rise of 17 May... and fraudulent whiplash claims”, the detail of which plans were already known from what had been Part 5..., albeit the main thrust of whiplash reform remains intact. Will further concessions be needed to make... with that seen in 2016 rather than 2017  Whiplash issues at Third Reading No amendments were Read more