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  • Soft tissue injury and SCT reform package

    facewith these whiplash claims and the dubious practices that go with it” was said by him to have “got... from an APIL FoI request, when suggesting that there was now a decreasing number of whiplash claims... outside of “whiplash ”. In any event, Sir Oliver did not agree with Rob Marris, pointing out... 460,000 in 2005/06 and 770,000 in 2015/16 and to 90% of them being for whiplash as the justification... for that part of the reform package, alongside him saying that he was a strong supporter of whiplash reform Read more

  • Civil justice: Costs reforms, Jackson/LASPO update

    for insurers, lawyers and claims management companies to set out their positions on the current whiplash debate... the UK has a whiplash problem, and if so what should be done about it, and that the Ministry of Justice has agreed to defer its response to its consultation on whiplash which closed on 8 March until... that this was a chance for claimants to set out their positions. The problem of fraud within whiplash claims Views were polarised in this area. Insurers spoke of 7% of whiplash claims being known to be fraudulent Read more

  • Civil justice: Costs reforms – Jackson/LASPO update

    Whiplash The Transport Committee will publish its Fourth Report of Session 2013–14, Cost of motor insurance: whiplash at 00.01 am on Wednesday 31 July 2013. The report will be available on the Transport Committee’s website shortly after the publication hour has passed. DWF’s Nigel Teasdale gave evidence at the Committee on behalf of FOIL in June and will be providing his own analysis of the report on Wednesday. For further information, please contact Nigel on 01772 55 4264 Read more

  • Reforms watch and analysis of portal data & civil justice statistics

    Whiplash Reforms Watch At the end of February, we had confirmation from the MOJ that the whiplash ...) to provide the final definition of whiplash , set the tariff along with any uplift for exceptional circumstances, ban pre-medical offers (for whiplash ) and increase the small claims track for RTA injury... the amount of damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity payable in respect of the whiplash ... there will be no guidance on how the 'tariff plus' style injuries – where there is a tariff whiplash and non Read more

  • Portal Data for July 2019 shows declining claims volumes in the shadow of political uncertainty

    political climate, anything could happen...  Reforms Watch Since our last update, an MIB whiplash reforms... compared with the other whiplash reform measures cannot easily be dragged over the line... eventuality, it is unlikely that the whiplash reforms will be seen as a priority... Bill which was the original vehicle for the whiplash reforms and which was killed off by Teresa May's Read more

  • Civil justice: Costs reforms and Jackson/LASPO update

    injury claims handling.  The MoJ responded to its whiplash consultation, the Transport Select Committee... currently being addressed are: The introduction of independent medical panels , A phasing out... signalled its intention to continue to pressurise the government for reform of whiplash claims by launching a fresh whiplash inquiry.  The committee invited comment on the government’s command paper and on any other steps the government should be taking to combat whiplash .  DWF responded Read more

  • Civil Liability Bill moves forwards to Committee Stage though tweaking may be needed while annual CRU stats confirm RTA claims downturn

    committed to its intended reform both on whiplash and the discount rate, it may see the need to listen... also made continued use of the 2016/17 level saying that there were around 670,000 whiplash claims that year, reaching this figure by assuming that 85% of RTA claims were for whiplash , so 780,000 x 85... back from the UK motor market, he had his leg pulled by them on whiplash with them referring... of whiplash claims which had been going on for more than 10 years. He suggested that government Read more