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  • Whiplash Reforms: Nov 2019

    in, the issue of whiplash reform remained high on the Government's agenda. The introduction of MedCo... for: A definition of whiplash . The setting of the tariff of compensation for PSLA for whiplash injuries... - GOV.UKLegislation Civil Liability Act 2018Consultation: Reforming the soft tissue injury (whiplash ... and online portal developments MIB - Whiplash Reforms ProgrammeDWF's articles on the whiplash reforms Whiplash reforms | DWF Insurance Read more

  • Whiplash Reforms: Feb 2020

    in, the issue of whiplash reform remained high on the Government's agenda. The introduction of MedCo and fixed... for: A definition of whiplash . The setting of the tariff of compensation for PSLA for whiplash injuries...: Reforming the soft tissue injury (whiplash ) claims process - GOV.UKConsultation: Future Provision... - UK ParliamentMIB updates on the reforms and online portal developments MIB - Whiplash Reforms ProgrammeOnline Service: Official Injury ClaimDWF's articles on the whiplash reforms: Whiplash reforms Read more

  • Civil Liability Bill arrives in a form capable of achieving reform to key issues of whiplash and discount rate

    proposals for whiplash reform, Part 2 with planned changes to the discount rate. The Bill has had its... as to the definition of whiplash as now found in Part 1 of the Bill, and from the Justice Committee....   What are the prospects of the measure passing? As far as whiplash reform is concerned... than earlier.Part 1 of the Bill – whiplash reform This is the reform which has the longer genesis: back..., the Queen's Speech also of last June announced that whiplash reform remained on the government's agenda Read more

  • Government response to whiplash reform petition and more MoJ claims volumes data

    Raab answered an MP’s written question enquiring as to how many whiplash claims there had been over... whiplash (including claims for neck and back)” shown in a blue line on the same graph. The origin of the figures for “total whiplash (including claims for neck and back)” was not given by Mr Rabb. It seems... for other non-whiplash types of RTA claim (though the reduction made was of only 50,000... of RTA claims submitted to CRU which were for whiplash . The relevancy of the data obtained by APIL Read more

  • Can MedCo do the business?

    arise when dealing with whiplash claims: There is no common, standard medical or legal definition for what constitutes “whiplash ”, or even as to whether it in fact exists. There is a lack of agreement as to when a whiplash injury might be caused. There is a lack of agreement... be injured. If the panels are to succeed, then we believe that it is essential that all experts that are accredited to the medical panels , insofar as it is possible, are working to common, agreed Read more

  • MedCo will soon open its doors for business

    insurance claims fraud in general across all types of claim (and not just whiplash ), including... depending on the result. As far as whiplash is concerned, it is hoped that MedCo will also play its...-elected look at introducing minimum speeds, below which whiplash could not be claimed. Presumably... that medical evidence in whiplash claims is fair and independent. For some time now, the working... press on with the idea of a mandatory previous claims search for whiplash claims and now says Read more

  • Major disruption expected as Government shows its hand on reform of whiplash and the small claims environment

    for retaining PSLA for minor whiplash claims albeit at reduced levels which may assist in achieving... Injury (‘whiplash ’) Claims Process”. It was not known previously whether Ms Truss and her new... been approved by her: The current level of whiplash claims is “unacceptably high” and can... that “This government, like its predecessor, is committed to tackling the high number and cost of (whiplash ) claims... of a definition for whiplash claim to be included in the reform and said in the questions to have been set Read more

  • Second reading of the Prisons and Courts Bill is achieved but future challenges to the government's whiplash and SCT limit reforms continue to lie ahead

    of it significant effect on future premiums. These would of course dwarf savings from the whiplash /SCT package... of the premium calculation that the whiplash /SCT reforms have had a particular effect. Liz Truss said during... be appreciated that as well as dealing with whiplash claims and the establishment of the framework... speak before in this context, of "the rampant culture that has developed around whiplash claims... of whiplash claims was "based on a false premise".Labour's issues Labour's main approach at present Read more