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Consequences for the defender

There are of course certain circumstances where such offers are almost certainly of immediate value, straightforward cases where only a single issue is in dispute and all relevant material has been…

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In conversation with Robert Morris (Bluefin)

We are very grateful to Robert Morris (AVII) for making time to share his observations on Cyber Crime.  Robert is an Account Director in Bluefin Professions. Robert has been working in the insurance…

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VR Series #4 How Does it Work?

It suddenly occurred to me that whilst we are going through this series of articles talking about the multiple potential healthcare benefits of VR we have never actually considered how it all works…

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VR Series #3 Psychological Therapies

"From what I’ve seen, its most obvious application in health is for mental health. The brain takes cues from the real world – and to understand how a psychological condition works is very difficult.…

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