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DWF welcomes new Rehabilitation Code

The new code introduces a much needed separate rehabilitation process to tackle adverse behaviours in low value claims, so that from 1 December:

  • Providers of triage and medico-legal reports now have to be independent of each other

  • Any direct or indirect business links between solicitors and those in the rehabilitation supply chain now have to be declared

The new Rehabilitation Code was unveiled last week and includes a new process for rehab in claims under £25,000.  DWF Head of Motor and MedCo Director, Nigel Teasdale welcomed the changes, saying:

“The personal injury claims landscape has changed significantly since the Rehabilitation Code was last revised in 2007. The new Code recognises that the rehab process in low value claims was becoming more about profit and less about rehabilitating the claimant.  We welcome the changes to the Code and the new process for claims of less than £25,000, which ought to have a beneficial effect on inhibiting current unacceptable claimant practices.

“We believe it will make a significant difference in tackling some of the worse excesses in the market and will be seen as good news by many insurers.”

National legal business DWF took a leading role on behalf of insurers in  highlighting the need for a separate process in low value claims and for the need to introduce independence into the rehab supply chain.  DWF’s Clinical Director, Carole Chantler served on the IUA-ABI Working Party which drafted the new code.

The new Code now states that the triage provider and the provider of the medico-legal report have to be independent of each other and that any direct or indirect business links between the solicitor and those in the rehabilitation supply chain have to be declared. In addition, the Code introduces the need for a level of detail in invoicing, which will prevent some of the existing market abuses.


For further information please contact Nigel Teasdale, Partner on +44 (0)1772 554264.

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