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Spotlight on tree claims

Claims relating to personal injury and property damage as a result of tree collapse and tree root subsidence damage are proving very costly for local authorities. DWF's Gabriel Fay specialises in defending tree claims, and lowering the cost of these claims. In this blog, Gabriel will keep you informed with key cases, recent developments and analysis.

Recent articles

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Compensation for tree root damage: a different approach
16 November 2016

Tripping over tree roots: liability, defence of claims and remedial action
16 June 2016

Overhanging trees : Liability, prevention and defence of claims
7 October 2015

Trees and subsidence damage to property: a quick guide for local authorities
17 June 2015

Tree risk management and the law: a quick guide
23 February 2015

Gabriel Fay

Gabriel is Head of Occupational Health and Casualty in Newcastle and specialises in defendant personal injury and property damage, employers’ and public liability work. 

Before training as a lawyer, Gabriel was an arborist which gives him an added advantage in cases of this nature.

To discuss issues relating to trees in further detail, please contact Gabriel on 020 7645 4540 or at Gabriel.Fay@dwf.law

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