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SonarSonar is DWF's low cost claimant profiling and validation service.

Due to finite resources, a case is unlikely to be reviewed by a specialist with the skill set to profile or validate a claimant unless it is flagged suspicious from the outset.

Without access to the systems and skills required to profile claimants effectively, there is a risk that personal injury claims handlers are unaware of the depth of legally obtainable and DPA compliant analysis available to assist with a broad range of cases.

Our Sonar service verifies claimant information through a comprehensive set of search tools, many of which are not accessible to legal advisers and claims handlers outside of fraud departments. The wide range of tools and resources utilised by DWF help build a profile of the claimant, enhance strategy, improve efficient case management and identify potentially fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

Knowing a claimant is beneficial for any claims handler, no matter the case background. 


• Ascertaining the true extent of an injury.

• More accurately assessing reserve and offers.

• Assists case handling strategy and tactics.

• Detects fraud and exaggeration which could otherwise be missed.

• Helps to validate claims and incapacity, avoiding unnecessary expense investigating.

• Helps avoid leakage.

Our approach

Initial intelligence is completed within five working days of receiving an instruction, helping to identify relevant issues from the outset. Our analysts provide the claims handler or legal advisor with a legally privileged and confidential intelligence report, from which conclusions and further recommendations are made. All reports are approved by a Solicitor before submission. All included in the low price.

Upon production of a report, a single point of contact is assigned to discuss with the client, free of charge, how a claim could be further managed.  If additional work is required, a rate is agreed. All work and reports are fully DPA compliant. As the reports constitute legal advice, they remain privileged and confidential.


A fee cap of only £199 +VAT* is applied to each validation report. In multi-track personal injury claims, where reserves often exceed £50,000, can you afford not to be screening your claimant?

Cutting edge technology

DWF prides itself on innovation and being at the forefront of new technologies, tools and resources, continually adding to our suite of closed source data and searches.  D:cypher, DWF’s bespoke claims validation system is configured to work seamlessly with our market leading case management system.

For more information on Sonar, download our brochure or contact Lisa Knight, Intelligence Manager. on +44 151 907 3449 or Paul Holmes, Partner, on +44 113 261 6521