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DWF Insurance: In the press

POST online, 7 October 2014
Insurers fear revised whiplash reforms ‘will change absolutely nothing’

POST online, 7 October 2014
Rehabilitation: Rehab rethink

POST online, 6 October 2014
Insurers urged to gather evidence on the impact of Laspo on Meso claims

Insurance People, 1 September 2014
Justice Committee over-cautious on mesothelioma

Insurance Times, 6 August 2014
Is the war being won against fraud?

Global Reinsurance, 5 August 2014
Industry welcomes MoJ reforms to cut whiplash costs

Insurance Times, 5 August 2014
Industry welcomes MoJ reforms to cut whiplash costs

Insurance People, 1 August 2014
Justice Committee over-cautious 

Insurance Insider, 1 August 2014
UK Mesothelioma claims row deepens

POST online, 1 August 2014
Meso claims don't justify special treatment, say defendant lawers

Insurance Times, 1 August 2014
Mesothelioma report criticised for being "too cautious"

The Independent, 30 July 2014
Driverless cars to get UK boost with £10m fund and licenses for public roads by January 2015

Mail online, 21 June 2014
Oil crisis set to put 4p a litre on the price of petrol: City fears grow as escalating Iraq conflict hits supplies

POST online, 20 June 2014
DWF partner facing election as first lawyer master of Worshipful Company

POST online, 17 June 2014
Fraud Focus: Will fraudsters flourish?

POST online, 3 June 2014
Arctic: Coming in from the cold

POST online, 6 May 2014
Fraud Focus: Sophisticated cyber crime coming

POST online, 28 April 2014
Fraudster jailed after £2m PI claim to RSA disproved

POST online. 8 April 2014
Fraud Focus: A new tool to tackle fraud

Insurance Times, 21 March 2014
EL/PL Portal sees dip in claims

POST online, 13 March 2014
Fraud Focus: Catching up with motor fraud

POST online, 11 March 2014
In Series: Data: Weeding out Fraud

Insurance Times, 25 February 2014
Over one-fifth of EL/PL cases exit MoJ portal due to disputed liability

Litigation Futures, 24 February 2014
‘Buffer’ direction “does not blow Jackson/Mitchell principles off-course”

POST online, 11 February 2014
Fraud Focus: Lies, damned lies and statistics

POST online, January 2014
Lloyds vs Asia: Is London losing it's crown?

POST online, January 2014
Costa Concordia: Two years on

POST online, January 2014
Mesothelioma Bill's 75% compensation cap outcome is extremely fair

Insurance Times, 10 January 2014
Mesothelioma Bill will redress balance for victims - DWF

POST online, January 2014
Fraud Focus: Keeping pace in the fraud fight

POST online, January 2014
Piracy: Safer seas

The Independant, 28 December 2013
Costa Concordia insurance claim bill to rise to £1.2bn

POST online, December 2013
DWF strengthens Cat PI team with former BLM Partner

POST online, December 2013
Claims portal accused of failing third party claims administrators

POST online, 19 November 2013
DWF increases insurance income

POST online, 13 November 2013
Insurers dismiss MP's fear that medical panels could become their 'captives'

POST online, 12 November 2013
Directors officers much a do about nothing

POST online, 22 October 2013
Whiplash: Choosing the right path

POST online, 15 October 2013
Legal market joining forces

POST online, 11 October 2013
DWF welcomes 11 partner team from Greenwoods

POST online, 24 September 2013
Asbestos victims must not be quick to dismiss mesothelioma scheme

POST online, 4 September 2013 
Your say: Working collaboratively makes a difference

POST online, 28 August 2013 
Industry hits back in fraud.  Jail debate as insurers win crash for cash cases

POST online, 31 July 2013
DWF calls for single ministerial lead to help tackle fraud

POST online, 9 July 2013
In series claims investigating the investigators

POST online, 1 July 2013 
Engineer jailed for fraudulent claim

POST online, 4 June 2013 
Risk management mapping risk

POST online, 21 May 2013
Marine tidal waves

POST online, 4 April 2013
Penny Speed meets Graham Dickinson, Executive Partner, DWF

POST online, 1 February 2013 
DWF completes Fishburns merger

POST online, 18 January 2013 
DWF merges with Fishburns

POST online, 18 December 2013 
DWF merges with Fishburns